Why checking your credit score can pay off

Credit Score Fraud

For many, credit scores come with judgment, risk, and security, which is why many Ohioans are paying attention to them. In an Ohio Credit Union League 2018 consumer survey, 73 percent of respondents reported checking their credit scores within the past six months. That’s compared to 18 percent who had checked within the last year, and 8 percent who’d last sought their scores more than a year ago. The average American isn’t quite as conscientious. According to a survey from…
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5 Ways A Good Credit Score Is Your Safety Net

Credit Score Money Management Spending/Saving

A healthy savings account is your best defense against life’s curve balls. But sometimes setting aside some money every paycheck isn’t enough—particularly when you’re just starting out in life. A good credit score can be an additional safety net, providing you access to low-interest credit options that can help cover any expenses your emergency savings can’t. Here are your options: 1. Credit cards Credit cards can be useful for relatively small emergencies. Of course, this requires that you haven’t maxed…
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7 Ways to Protect Your Credit Score

Credit Score

When you swipe your credit card, you might not be thinking about what your creditors are doing to make sure they recover the money they just loaned you. But, as you make your next purchase, make sure to protect your credit score. Your credit score is a three-digit number that creditors use to assess how likely you are to repay your loans. A high score can help you qualify for the lowest interest rates and gives you the ability to…
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